About SumberManusia

SumberManusia makes performance management software for medium-sized companies. We are a Malaysian-based startup serving hundreds of customers around the world.

We believe that good performance management is critical for companies and employees to be successful. Unfortunately, the process is often painful but we are here to assist you.

By helping you to streamline your performance management processes and giving you a great software, we hope to give you the best solution for the performance management without all the pain. At our best, we help you to get the feedback you need to grow, know where you stand, and have a clear idea of how your work move your organisation forward.

People spend most of their waking hours at work - our goal is to make those hours better.

Our Founders

Nasrul Hazim and Mohd Saidy have been working together since 2013 when they met at Mamak Bangi. As leaders of a fast growing company, they viscerally felt the pain of bad performance management and believed there have to be a better way.

At the beginning of 2017, they set up a company called MMB Niaga Sdn Bhd to build SumberManusia on the fundamental belief that employees are companies' most valuable assets and should be treated well. During that time, Khai join them as a part of Board of Directors.

Help us make our work better

Join us to help companies and employees to be successful.

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